Convenient and Hassle-free Health Claims Processing with HICAPS

South Perth Dental Surgery allows for the speedy processing of claims for both private insurance and Medicare. We prioritize the ease and convenience of our patients.
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Our Payment Options

Efficient and Easy Payment Processing Solution for Your Private Health Fund Claims

HICAPS is an electronic health claims system that your dental clinic uses to process your claims instantly. This means that you will receive your benefit on the day of your treatment. With the exception of communicating with your insurer or the government instead of your bank, HICAPS functions similarly to an EFTPOS machine.

At South Perth Dental Surgery, we understand that no one enjoys dealing with paperwork, especially when it comes to making insurance claims.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer HICAPS dental claims, which help to make the claims process quicker, easier and more convenient. Whether you’re eligible for a government dental scheme or you’re a member of a private insurance company, our HICAPS machine can make life simpler for you.


Benefits of HICAPS at South Perth Dental Surgery

Instant Claim Processing

You can skip the long claiming process and enjoy immediate processing through HICAPS. It can promptly determine your information and the required payment. 


Quick Co-payment Settling

Present your card after your dental appointment, and we'll handle the rest. The use of HICAPS can be applied to most services, but coverage varies from insurer to insurer.


Real-time Inquiry on Coverage Balance

If your extras policy covers the entire cost of your treatment, you won't have to do anything else. Your insurer may only cover part of your treatment, so you'll need to pay a gap or out-of-pocket costs.


Reduced Large Out-of-pocket Payment

By knowing the exact amount your government payment scheme or private insurance will be covering, you will only need to pay the remaining balance. This puts a smaller strain on your budget.


Simple and Hassle-free Convenience

With just one swipe of your health card, you can process your claim, avoid a large upfront cost, and get an instantaneous update on your balance.



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At South Perth Dental Surgery, we understand that claiming your dental rebate can be a hassle. That’s why we’ve introduced HICAPS, an electronic claiming system that allows you to claim your rebate on the spot. HICAPS is available for numerous affiliated health funds so that you can avoid the queue at your health fund branch and troublesome forms.

We believe that HICAPS will make claiming your dental rebate a more convenient and hassle-free experience. So come and see us at South Perth Dental Surgery, where we can take care of all your dental needs. 

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