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Our children’s health and well-being depend on basic dental care. Every child can access dental care and learn about proper oral hygiene with the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. 

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CDBS Improves Oral Health For Our Children

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) was created to improve the oral health of Australian youth. The program provides coverage benefits for basic dental care for certain eligible children. These young patients can receive dental treatment from a public or private clinic; however, orthodontics and cosmetic dental procedures aren’t covered.

For children to be eligible for the scheme, they must be aged 0-17 at any point in the calendar year, and they must receive a relevant Australian government payment, such as Family Tax Benefit Part A. Notification of eligibility will either be mailed or emailed to the child or their parent/guardian.


Benefits of Choosing CDBS as a Payment Option

Flexible Usage of Benefits

Over the two-year coverage period, a patient may use up their entire benefit cap of $1,000 if necessary. A child who is still eligible for benefits in the following year can use the balance if not used in the first year.


Improved Oral Health in Children

Before the CDBS was established, some families were unable to provide their children with proper dental care. There has been a steady increase in dental attendance from low-income households since then, contributing to improved oral health.


Wide Range of Covered Services

A wide range of dental services is partially or fully covered by the CDBS. Cleanings, x-rays, fillings, extractions, and more will be included. It would help if you first determined whether the CDBS covers your dentist's recommended treatment.


Few Coverage Limitations

Some select services are not covered by the CDBS. Unfortunately, orthodontic treatments such as braces fall under this category. Cosmetic dentistry and hospital dentistry are also not covered.


Public and Private Dental Care

Public dental clinics will bulk-bill dental treatments. Patients will not be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses. If you are seeking dental treatment with a private dentist, first determine the cost of treatment and what CDBS will cover. Private care may require you to pay some out-of-pocket costs.



Check Your Coverage And Benefit Cap Today

CDBS cover does not require parents to apply or register. Parents of eligible children will receive a letter about their child’s eligibility. When booking your child’s appointment, inform the dental clinic that you intend to use CDBS. If you are nearing the balance cap limit, you may want to check before seeing a dentist. Check your Medicare online account or call Medicare to determine your possible CDBS coverage.

If you need dental treatment, you can ask your dentist about the cost and whether CDBS will cover it. A consent form will need to be signed regarding the cost and type of services your child will receive. It is possible for some dentists to require payment on the day of service. It is possible for other dentists to bulk bill you, requiring no upfront payment from you.

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