DVA Card Holders Can Have Access to Superior Dental Care

For the service they have provided, veterans are offered coverage for select dental services. The Department of Veterans Affairs gives veterans a health card that allows them to access quality dental care. 

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DVA Health Card

Receive Top-notch Dental Care With The DVA Health Card

Any provider can provide exceptional dental care to veterans with the DVA Health card. Patients with White Cards are covered for service-related procedures. Veterans with Gold Cards are covered for all medically necessary dental treatments. DVA-approved dental treatments are fully covered; however, a physician will need to verify medical necessity.

If you want to be covered by the DVA HealthCare program, please get in touch with your dental provider to confirm if they accept Veteran Gold Cards or Veteran White Cards. You will need to find a different provider, such as South Perth Dental Surgery if your current provider doesn’t accept this as a payment option.


Benefits of Choosing the DVA Health Card as a Payment Option

Diverse Selection of Covered Treatments

The cost of routine and preventative dental services, such as regular check-ups and cleanings, is covered. The program also covers tooth replacement options like dental implants and dental crowns.


Fully Covered Dental Care

The DVA health card program gives full coverage for your dental treatments. You do not have to pay a co-payment for the treatment if you have been injured during your service.


Tooth Implant Replacements

If you have lost a tooth or teeth within the past three years, you can receive two single tooth implants every two years. You can also opt for two implants for a partial upper jaw denture or three implants for a full lower jaw denture.


Denture Re-line Perks

As a DVA card holder, you can have your dentures re-lined every two years. Denture replacement is typically every six years unless your dentist suggests a replacement sooner.


Annual Monetary Limit Exemptions

Some DVA card holders are not subject to the annual coverage limits. Ex-prisoners of war fall under this exemption. Special considerations are given to treatment for service-related injuries or conditions and the treatment of malignant cancers of the teeth and jaw.



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You must first contact your dental provider to learn if they accept Veteran Gold Cards or Veteran White Cards before you can enjoy DVA Healthcard coverage. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, please give us a call today. To maintain your oral health, we recommend that you have a regular check-up every six months.

The DVA Health Card program specifies an Annual Monetary Limit (AML). For some high-cost treatments, like bridges and crowns, an annual limit of $2,643.25 is given per calendar year. There may be times when you will need to make co-payments once this amount has been met. Be sure to bring your DVA Health Card during your appointment to receive your benefits.

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