Dr. Graham Wheeler

Dr. Graham Wheeler stands out with his extensive experience in dentistry, especially in addressing the problems of worn dentitions and limited jaw opening. His passion lies in crafting practical strategies and significantly improving patients’ smiles and overall dental aesthetics. Dr. Wheeler’s profound knowledge and experience balance functionality with aesthetics in dental care.
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Dr. Graham Wheeler

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Dr. Graham Wheeler

With an unwavering commitment to quality dentistry, Dr. Graham Wheeler has become an outstanding dentist. With years of experience and a deep-seated passion for managing dental problems, Dr. Wheeler stands out in the dental field. He is experienced in addressing complex cases, particularly those involving worn dentitions and restricted jaw opening.

Plus, his skill set extends beyond restorative dentistry. He also has a keen interest in cosmetic dental services, consistently striving to improve the smiles and general aesthetics of his patients. A practical dentist, Dr. Wheeler’s approach to dentistry seeks to find practical and sustainable options for his patients’ problems.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Wheeler is a devoted family man, celebrating the successes of his loved ones. This includes his granddaughter’s prestigious New Colombo Plan Scholarship. Furthermore, his personal interests include a genuine support for the West Coast Eagles, a testament to his loyalty and team spirit.

Dr. Wheeler’s commitment to quality, combined with his compassionate approach, transforms each patient visit. To him, dentistry is not just about treatments; it’s also about fostering lasting relationships and achieving life-changing results.


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