Dental Treatments:

Dont put up with a smile that is embarrassing. Here at South Perth Dental Surgery we can fix broken, cracked, decayed or missing teeth. The sooner you repair a broken down tooth the better to prevent further deterioration and loss of your own tooth. Teeth that are missing or have been recently extracted can cause future problems because this effects the bite and can lead to TMJ or joint problems or movement of other teeth into the space.

Having plaque or calculus present in large amounts increases the likelihood of dental decay and gum disease. Gum Disease has been linked to heart disease. We offer a large range of Dental Treatments from ranging from Preventative, Restorative, Cosmetic, Periodontal and Emergency procedures.


Preventative Services:

Oral Examinations
Routine Dental Cleaning
Flouride and Mineral Treatments
Fissure Seals
Digital X rays
OPG Machine

Dental Cleaning 

                              Dental Exams

Mouth Guards